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Dombeya Timepiece

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Wall Clocks

MARIMÓN is a well-known company recognized for its high quality, handmade production and the exclusivity of its pieces. Our Wall Clocks collection offers a unique range of timepieces for home or office. We also produce hand paintings and other decorative items showcasing the best in modern Spanish design and aesthetic.

Our clocks collection comes in a wide range of shapes, with modern, stylish and functional designs, allowing you to find the perfect match for your space.

Designer Timepieces

This colorful and avant-garde line is ideal for any space, providing harmony and elegance, and creating a perfect atmosphere. All our clocks are unique, being hand made in our design studio in Spain, meaning you have a one-of-a-kind piece.

100% Customizable Timepieces

Do you want to merge functionality and design? Homes are different, our pieces are too; all our timepieces are 100% customizable achieving the perfect look to suit you and your home. No limits; make your own combination of size, color and details. 

Unique Pieces for your company

Our pieces are ideal for companies who want to express their corporate image through unique and stylish workspaces . We will conduct a study of the requirements of form and space in your workplace, and produced a series of unique sketches, allowing choosing the design that best fits with your corporate image and philosophy. We offer both exclusivity and design with our timepieces.

Place your order with Security

Order securely from our online store, equipped with SSL security certificates. We offer both card payment through a designated payment gateway or direct bank transfer.

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